The new generation of floor heating thermostats

The finishing touch

Perfect electric floor heating deserves the perfect finishing touch. As the thermostat is the element that remains most visible of your work, shouldn’t it reflect quality and comfort in every way?

That’s why we have put the essence of a thermostat into SENZ.

Touch-sensitive, app-controlled, WiFi-connected and available in two designs, SENZ will blend into any interior and lifestyle.

Switch Gear
White or Anthracite

Eye for design

Minimalist to fit into any interior, eye-catching when you look at it. Available in 2 designs, Raychem Black and white or anthracite (switch gear). The SENZ will look stunning in any space.

Finger perfect control

Perfect climate comfort deserves the matching control. Like so many devices today, the Raychem SENZ responds to a simple swipe gesture.


Always online, we are used to being linked with each other, and with our devices. The SENZ can be controlled through its app from any device, anywhere.

Control your heating.
everywhere. anytime

Maximum comfort. Maximum savings.
Senz Wi-FI is always online so you can control your heating, wherever you are.

Why your customers will love

A fine gift for every installer

Install a SENZ, send us your picture and receive a pair of high-end touch-sensitive Glider Gloves. It’s as easy as installing and controlling the SENZ itself.

send your SENZ picture